Monday, October 5, 2015

Color of your Website !!!

Color choice is very subjective. A color could involve different reactions in different people. Colors are a very personal choice and therefore choosing a color for your website is even more important. We want to portray a site in a particular way and therefore the color or colors we use play a very important role.

You might not realize how important a color is for a website, but as it is true that different colors effect people's psychologically in different ways, the use of color in a website becomes even more important. Websites are driven by the traffic, so it is important to hit the correct psychy of the visitor.

Colors stimulate senses and excite people. Colors give the feeling of warmth or cold. If a site needs lots of action like buying online, it should have more of reds as red color makes people act fast and makes them feel powerful. If you are selling stuff that is feminine, soft pink with red will enhance passion and thus increase sales.

It is very important to keep in mind your audience, your product and your market strategy before deciding on a color for your site.

Mixing colors would definitely enhance your sites performance as it would cater to different psychological factors of a human mind and bring them together in unison. The combination of colors is very important when making a strong statement about your product.

Picking a color for your site does not mean picking your favorite color, but instead, work for your audience. Always use your brand colors on your site. People should be able to relate your site with your brand by just looking at the colors.

Secondly, a site too dark or too soft will not leave any mark. Have a combination that is not very dominant but equally spread and balanced perfectly. The combinations are very important and so is maintaining the balance. Black, red, orange, etc. should not be too dominant but when used appropriately, they define the site and give it that energy.

Always keep in mind your target audience. If you are catering to young visitors bright colors would work well, but when dealing with senior section, it’s better to go soft and less aggressive. It’s also better to stick to maximum 3 colors in a ratio of 60%, 30% & 10%. Primary color- 60%, secondary color-30%  & accent color-10%.

We have seen blue as the most used color when it comes to websites. This is because -
  1. Blue is the color of trust
  2. Blue is the color of corporate world
  3. Blue denotes calmness and tranquility
  4. Blue means smooth sailing
Using blue with a very strong color like red or yellow or orange could be used on sites that want some action from its visitors- like online shopping site. Blue will give a sense of trust while Red/Yellow/Orange will enhance the action aspect.

Colors give meaning to the site even before the content is read by the visitor. A visitor by just looking at the site and its colors will decide whether he/she wants to stay or leave. Use colors to enhance your users emotions and create value. Use colors to your advantage by combining different colors, but avoid overload of colors. Stick to maximum 3 colors.

Look at the colors used on your site and see whether it goes with your brand. If you find a conflict of colors, go for a change.

Happy Coloring  !!!