Saturday, September 19, 2015

Choose the Perfect Domain

Having the perfect domain name is an extremely important aspect of your online presence. It is similar to choosing a company name because the domain name could help build your brand and define your market position.

Confusion arises when we need to decide a keyword domain or a branding domain. It is very important to keep in mind that your domain name is the online identity of your company, so choose on a name that fits in the best.

Whether using a keyword domain or a branding domain , keep in mind the direction of your business as well as the purpose of your website. Whatever you choose always keep it simple and easy to type. The shorter the domain the easier it is to memorize.

 If you are using keyword for your domain, keep it short and clean. And if using a  branding  domain  name, don’t go beyond 10 characters. Also avoid changes like ‘x’ instead of ‘ex’ or ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. This is because if someone jus hears the domain it is not clear whether it is ‘u’ or ‘you’. So while searching for your site people could use wrong characters and end up not finding you at all.

Also avoid hyphens.  People while remembering names, don’t remember the hyphen. In the internet world a site name with hyphen is considered fraudulent.

Domain name is the first the first piece of marketing tool for your online presence and also effects offline marketing. A domain name that is catchy and easy to remember attracts visitors.

It is very important to properly research and think before deciding on a domain name. Make sure it is not copyrighted or trade marked by any other company. Also avoid domain names that resemble your competitors domain. People will judge you wrong and not rely on your services.

Also before deciding a domain name see that the same name is available on other social media sites for eg. in Facebook, Blogging site, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, etc. you would definitely want same name on every social media site.

The trick to a great domain name is
  1. Keep it simple
  2. Keep it short
  3. Easy to spell
  4. Avoid trouble
  5. Be innovative

Domain names sell quickly. So if you are starting a new business or a website, choose a domain name as quickly as possible and get your Domain Registered asap.  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Importance of Content in a Website

A website companies of three main components graphics, content and the Domain / Hosting. Most of the clients know the importance of graphics and the design aspect of a website, but most of them do not give much consideration to the content they are putting on their on their website.

Design is important as it sets the professionalism of your company or Grand, but at the same time the information put on your site is equally important. A very pleasing and eye catchy website is of no use to your visitors if the information provided on our site is irrelevant.

Putting together the content for your site can be a very over whelming experience, but keep in mind that a good content is very important for placing your site at a higher position with search engines.

The content or the information put on your site gives value to your brand and increases traffic. An informative content will allow visitors to stay longer and re-visit your site again and again. Also, add value to your site with use of  images or visuals. Text images, videos etc., are all important when placing the right content on your website.

Original content             
Another very important aspect of content is that it should be unique and original. Don’t place any think that is already there in 10 others sites. Also keep updating the content so that your visitors have a reason to visit again. It helps in Search Engine Ranking. It’s not important to update every day like the news website do, but do add or change content every few months.

The Title and the Meta-tags
Always give title to your pages and give the small description in the description tag. Google highly places such pages while indexing.


Another important aspect while writing down your content is the use of keywords. Using the right keyword on your site will help you in search ranking. Don’t over stuff your sites with keywords but do use them in your content strategically.

Content is the King. This is very true as it is not just important to have a web address. But what you put on your site is the key. It cannot only make or break your brand image, but also helps generating the much required traffic. The best way is to write your own content as you know your services best. But if you are not comfortable, take professional help from copy writers. Don’t neglect the content on your site. It is the face of your company’s online identity and content will help your create a very strong and pleasant one.

While putting your content together, always keep in mind what your audience wants. Don’t just put anything on your site. Give information related to your services, products and all that what could be of interest to your visitors. For example if you are into selling pipes, there is no points putting information of ‘how to plan a party?’ You can get a bit creative and start a blog. Sometimes our product or service is such that not much information can be put online. In such scenario start a blog and start writing articles your view point on various aspects of your industry. This will generate traffic to your site.

Content also does not have to be just words. Get creative and add interesting graphics to your content. Info-graphics podcast, graphics, options for download, they all add value to your content.
Your website should be live and very dynamic in nature. 
So happy writing….