Friday, July 17, 2015

What makes your website successful?

Internet is where the game is now. Every business either has or plans to go online. But with everyone going online and having a website it is very difficult to grab attention and being traffic to your own site. There is no rule as such for making a website, but surely there are a few key points that can increase the chances of your website getting noticed in the flock. 

Web designing is not just art but it involves a whole lot of other skills as well. There’s copy writing, typography, to layout, navigation the designing, programming – all fused together. The key is to have a site that is easy to navigate, is aesthetically pleasant and has features and content fulfilling the purpose.

To achieve the purpose, web designer just needs to think strategically it’s not about simply designing a website and its user interface. It is about designing to accomplish the designed objective. 

Establish the goals -
A lot of times organization themselves are not clear on the purpose of their website. Before designing a website a designer must be clear on the purpose of the website. Be clear on what is to be achieved through the website – whether you want to sell products, to inform and update or just provide you services.

Identify your Audience -
It is very important to design as per the purpose and the audience keep in mind the age, gender, profession etc. while designing. An entertainment site offering music downloads is very different from a engineering company website.

Go by the Brand Image - 
Web designer and the organization many a times look at the latest trends of same design and want to incorporate the same in their own site. Be careful while designing you site about the brand and its image. Every industry needs to follow a certain feel and diverting from that feel is making a big marketing blunder. If you are making a website for a NGO, you cannot give it a very glossy Rock kind of a feel. Therefore a site has to go as per the brand image.

Good quality content -
Content is the king. The content on your site should be relevant and informative. If the content is irrelevant and illogical, bounce date will increase. Also good relevant content is appreciated by Google and helps in Search Engine Ranking.

Easy Navigation -
A website should be easy to navigate with clear graphics, if a visitor is unable to use the site and navigate easily he will immediately leave the site.

Easy Accessibility -
Smart phones are the new accessing tools.  People do every possible activity on the net through smartphones compatible across platforms or A website needs to be mobile friendly and it loses a sizable audience.

Regular Updates -
It is very important for organization to regularly update their site with fresh content. A stale content kills a site. Fresh content attracts visitors’ interest for new updates.

Though there are no hard and fast rules for creating a successful website, but these points can surely help a site attract graphic and retain its visitors.       



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