Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why Google Recommends Mobile friendly Sites ?

Well, we saw it coming with the number of smartphone users increasing. This was in inevitable. We want our sites to stay relevant, readable, attractive and easily navigable to all visitors through various devices.

Having a mobile friendly site makes it view able from any device and that’s good for business. A normal website is accessible on any devices, but the poor visibility makes the experiences very unpleasant.

The trend have changed, everyone is on smartphones. We need to think seriously about going mobile first. With the variation coming in each day in the mobile industry, it has become more necessary to have everything mobile friendly.

Google has itself now recommended and every site needs to go Responsive. A mobile friendly site provides letter user experience and retains the visitors.

There are 2 types of mobile design. First is an original website and a subdomain dedicated to mobile version like – and m.example.

Here is the mobile site and visitors when accessing a site from a tablet or phone, are redirected to this mobile version of the site.

This is how mobile friendly site were created when this whole game started. It had some flaws like duplication of content, any changes to be made in the content had to be done on both regular and mobile etc.

The second form of mobile friendly designing which is now more prevalent, is to have CSS file define the output of a site as per the device it is being viewed with. In this there is no need to create two different sites (as in the first option) but instead certain codes control how a site is visible for various devices and screen sizes. There are termeded as Responsive websites.   

There are –
    - Aesthetically pleasing
    - Only one url
    - Cary to edit / maintain
    - User friendly
    - You can customize the content

Google has also recommended to web developers to go you Responsive Web design (RWO).

Why google recommends RWO?
  1. Makes it simple for users to share and link with one URL
  2. Helps google algorithms precisely assign indexing properties to the page without the requirement of signaling the existence of corresponding mobile or desktop pages.
  3. Maintaining becomes easy as there is no duplication of content
  4. No redirection required hence quicker loading of the site.
  5. Google bot needs to crawls just once. This enhances crawling efficiency resulting in google indexing more of your sites content.
A website optimized for mobiles surely gives the business advantage over its competitors whose sites are not mobile friendly.               

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