Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Does your website need a Redesigning?

Till a few years back, clients were visiting your website from their desktops. Then came Laptops with varied screen sizes, then smartphones. You know that you have had the same website design for some time now and you need to change it. But why should you change or redesign your website. Is it because of how it looks or are there other reasons as well. Redesigning your website does not mean just changing the look and feel of it, but it also means upgrading to the latest technology and improving on functionality, presentation and the content of your website.

Why is everyone redesigning
It is because everyone wants to upgrade and be at par with the technology. Just look at your site and see whether it fits in well in the modern world….

The most important reason to redesign your website is to make it responsive. Gone are the days of desktop browsing. Now we need website that can be viewed on smartphones with ease. New devices are coming up and we need our website to be ready for multi device browsing. A Responsive layout of your website helps you to achieve this goal. No one wants any of our clients to hove a bad viewing experience when it comes to our site.

Messy Home Page….
The home page of your website needs to be clean and inviting at the same time  give out the most important information in the first 3 sec. of the viewing of your site. Home page should clearly direct the visitors on what they should do further.

The Navigation should be clean and clear. Confusion can cause visitors to leave unsatisfied. The directions and messages form your site should be clean and clear. Have analytic on your site to know the most common exit points and then work on it.                

Fresh and Healthy images…. 
Your business has evolved and so should your website. The kind of images we used 10 years back to bring forth our messages are very outdated. The digital world has also evolved in past few years. So has the use of images and info graphics. Put on your site more relevant images and fresh images. You are yourself bored of seeing those images on your site aren't you !

Is the content on your site updated regularly?
It is very important to keep changing and updating the information you put on your site. Even your products have evolved. Are you able to make these changes on your own?  
Well answer these question and you will know that you need redesigning.

Are you on the Search Engines?  
If you are nowhere on search engines then you need to work on your site and make it SEO friendly. The first thing that needs attention is the content and how it is presented on your site. Most search engines like fresh content and navigable tags. Web technology has changed & you need to upgrade your site to make it visible on search engines as well as on various browsers.

Finally it is your call on whether you want to redesign or not, but if your sites has most of the above situations, then it’s better to upgrade and redesign. Technology is moving fast and if we do not bring ourselves to its level now, chances are we will be left far behind.  

Digitization is the word today. So it would be nice from the business point of view as well to be updated and suffice with the latest trends and versions.

The keys to redesigning would be – ContentResponsiveSEO Friendly.             

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